The Longest Night

The Setup

The Nations

16 years ago, the world was saved from destruction by the combined efforts of many kingdoms.

One years ago, an unsteady peace had been established.

The kingdom of Sumar was relatively small, but had a secure grasp of its territories. The heroes of 16 years ago had focused on making a stable city rather than an expansive kingdom. They ruled through a monarchy which took advisement from an elected parliament. The slow growth of the city eventually demanded that they expand their territories. To this end, a diplomatic party was created to go to the other four established kingdoms with an olive branch.

The kingdom of Aureon claimed the West and Southern reaches of the continent. It had been mostly untouched by the Sundering, and expanded its grasp while other kingdoms were rebuilding. It maintained its grasp on its expansive territories through a series of duchies and old fashioned feudalism.

Anauroch, the Northern kingdom of the sands, was the most secret of the kingdoms. No trade came in or out, and it was rumored that the capital was never in the same place twice. Scrying by Archmagister Joel, however, spoke of great magical power in the land itself. Sumar’s storehouses were woefully low in residuum and they would need more to maintain their rituals.

The seas were ruled by the Brotherhood of the Coast, a loose conglomerate of pirates and brigands ruled by the Pirate King Allende. In the initial years of recovery, the Brotherhood assaulted any coastal towns they could for resources and manpower. Now, their slaving days have slowed and they content themselves with merely plundering. Their port-of-call is the Archipelego colloquially called the Pirate Isles.

Across the sea, the forge-city of New Gallesis has grown in the ruins of Old Gallesis. The events of 16 years ago destroyed their city, but also uncovered numerous resources in the local mountains. As one of the strongest kingdoms on their side of the continent, the city of Forges seems content to secure its resources and develop new advances in magic and science. Led by the best and brightest, the Council of Wonders, they aim to become a superpower to rival the mythical kingdom of Mulhorand in power.

Four kingdoms the diplomatic party would have to visit, and each had their own issues to resolve before discussing trade. Nerathi Hellbane was appointed to lead the diplomatic party, accompanied by a herald Leo and her bodyguard Thane. She was authorized to hire adventurers as official members of her diplomatic party if protection was insufficient.



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