16 years ago, the world was saved from destruction by the combined efforts of many kingdoms.

One years ago, an unsteady peace had been established. A diplomatic party was created to go establish connections with the four largest nations in the world. Aureon’s negotiation kicked off a civil war. The Pirate Isles had no interest in anything that wasn’t profitable, and lessening their levies on Sumar wasn’t profitable.At least Gallesis and Xing seemed receptive.

During their travels, found oddities: Subservient Drow being married by gentry of various countries as exotic and demure concubines. Four Githzerai temples, each being assaulted for the planar keystone that allowed for stable portals to different planes. More Drow, apparently mindless, working as the perfect assistants for one of the leading research centers in the world. A mysterious brotherhood of aberrant hunters who seem to be waiting for something. An undead army that appeared from nowhere, and disappeared after a single assault.

Yet, with all these oddities, the party was unable to put the pieces together.

One fateful day, Shar and Mystra meet to discuss Shar’s most recent power grab, but Cyric killed Mystra. Shar took ‘The Weave’ portfolio into her own power, taking over the fraying Astral Weave. Drow priestesses took advantage of the magical backlash across the continent to trigger a set of planar keystones that would act as channels for the Shadow Weave. With the Shadow Weave present and her new mastery of the Astral Weave, Shar melded the two. A blanket of eternal fell over the entire plane, lessening the effectiveness of traditional armies. Drow strike teams, supplemented by various undead, struck at major population centers. Hundreds of gentry from various countries were killed by their demure wives, who were still as impassive as ever. Drow D-class personnel in Gallesis gave cobbled together weaponry to other D-class personnel, who began revolting against the Steel Militia. Anauroch and the Pirate Isles has been unaffected, due to previous dealings with the Drow. Aureon has been declared the only sovereign kingdom of the Prime, a kingdom where all surface dwellers can go to live in peace alongside the Drow. Sumar stands alone against the dark, striving to remain independent despite attacks from all sides.

In this world, we find our heroes living day-to-day as pirates.


16 years ago, the Prime Material was pulled from the brink of destruction by in a desperate play by a group of heroes. When the dust settled, over 80% of the population of the Prime was dead, the Weave was in ruins and the crystal sphere of the plane itself had sustained a truly staggering amount of damage. Future generations would call this event the Sundering in hushed tones.

The heroes have spent the past decade and a half picking up the pieces.

Through their efforts, they have rebuilt their nation of Sumar from a ruined kingdom to a bastion of hope for the local survivors. As they turn their gaze outwards to find allies in their reconstruction efforts, they find that the political landscape has changed almost as much as the physical landscape in the wake of the Sundering.

Between the xenophobic desert nation of Xing, the industrialized powerhouse of Gallesis, the corrupt aristocratic institutions of Aureon and the frighteningly coordinated Brotherhood of the Coast, it seemed that the nation of Sumar has plenty of work ahead of them. Over the course of four years, they managed to build an alliance with Gallesis. The nation of Xing is slow to change, but prospects are encouraging with the land to the north.

Unfortunately, a diplomatic incident involving the Sumarian diplomat led to a civil war in Aureon, resulting in the death of the King and the Heir Apparent. The new king has no wish to enter into peaceful talks, and even now prepares for war. What’s more, the Brotherhood of the Coast continues their domination of the Sea of Fallen Stars and only grow bolder with each passing day. Given another year, diplomacy would win the day.

If only there was enough time.

The strikes all came at once.

Now, Mystra — the Mother of Magic — is dead, the whole of the Prime Material has been cloaked in an endless night and the Drow march on all nations in a coordinated assault to finally take the Prime Material.

If only there was more time, they could have been prepared. Unfortunately for our heroes, war is already here.
And war never changes…


Gallesis – Explode off Pirate Isles toll tower, Become Luchadors, ask for local situation before the meeting, D-Class Personnell, Wynn the Gnome and the Rifle, The betraying assistant cut down by shadows, Giants and Fellgiants, Heart of the Mountain, Temple of Earth, Research Lab Heapheastus, Emerald Claw and the Drow, the Planar Keystone to the Underdark, the Lord of Dust, destroyed lab, Secure ride with Enzo, Jeanne and Celeste.

Pirate Isles: Ship blowed up, Recovered by a slaver ship, ‘I cannot read this and have no rights’ test, dumped into D-class slaves. Outcast Gallesis scientiest using residuum,
Experiments: Lemons; Psionic Ghosts and random teleporting; Edible Gelatinous Cubes, dragon leatherette armor and first contact with the Emerald Claw; Werewolves; Zombies and the Holy Power Fist; Ignus the Burning Man
Escape into the caverns through hole Ignus burst, meet the kobolds and their camp beneath the lab, survive zombie attack with kobolds, kill the ‘Great Eater’ the kobolds mentioned by calling Ignus,
Get to the surface, find that water elementals are attacking everywhere, get out of dodge

Sumar: Finished Civil war in Aureon, Parn Gilliam wants to marry Nerathi for peace (people like her, gentry want a sign of submission from her, will recieve equal treatment and inherit kingdom when he dies), Nerathi insults, Parn leaves with no intention of attempting negotiations again.
Xing – Daggerfall (City of Exiles), Everzhar (City of Shade), meet Kastas, get directions to cavern city, Xing appears
Night It Went Down: Vega goes to negotiate with King Parn, At the same time, Joel is attending to his goddess, who is visiting the Prime to speak with her sister Sharn.

The Longest Night