Avenger or Mad Scientist, You Decide


Paths of advancement

Angelflesh: Programmable, Weave-powered silicon based lifeform. Intelligent enough to create technology. Current samples taken from a fallen Mulhorandi Titan, which wore armor to supress intellect. Angelflesh regrows at a rate of one size rating per three days. Angelflesh constructs can only absorb other Angelflesh remains iff they share a common origin. If a new construct is created from the flesh of another construct, the new construct has ‘echoes’ of the old construct’s capabilities and memories. Sentient samples use song metaphors. Take commands in Deep Speech, speech in Supernal disrupts their structure. Can take 10 minutes of conversation to learn a language.
⦁ Isolating a sample from the Weave and its programming requires 1 week and a DC 30 Arcana. A sample is defined as a Tiny creature, weighting about 3 lbs in flesh and blood.
⦁ Each week of analysis adds a +2 to the Arcana check to program an isolated sample, and requires a DC 20 Arcana checks to keep the sample in isolation.
⦁ A programming attempt takes 8 hours, DC 25 Arcana. A successful programming check results is a single creature template. The creature level is the Arcana check divided by three, rounded down.
⦁ A failed attempt results in a +5 for the next programming attempt, but destroys the sample.
[Foot troops are generated off of the Critter Cache: Elder Thing]

Template 1: Asari-1 (Soldier Class)
⦁ Body: Byakugan, Sturdy (Internal), Powerful
⦁ Mind: Disciplined, Loyal, Efficient
⦁ Details: Medium, Genderless, Appears as Half-Elf Esai, Asari pun on Esai ("")

Template 2: Asari-2 (Kolos Worker Class)
⦁ Body: Sturdy (Internal), Powerful, Endurance
⦁ Mind: Knowledge(Archeology), Loyal, Efficient
⦁ Details: Medium, Human-sized Dwarves, Genderless

Template 3: Asari-3 (Achilles Warrior Class)
⦁ Body: Byakugan, Sturdy (Internal), Powerful, Weave Independent (S2 Engine)
⦁ Mind: Disciplined, Loyal, Efficient, Psionic

Current Asari Population:
1 Soldier Class
4096 Worker Class. (Population doubles per 2 days. Currently capped over due to their pocket dimension not having a Weave.)
1 Achilles Class (Soulforged Construct) – Codename: Destroyer

Joel Tech Development

Pick 2: Maths, Weapons, Automatons

You’ve discovered PI, CALCULUS, CENSUS TAKING and PROBABILITY. With some work, you can use the former to better manage your food supplies. The latter can be applied with magical applications to control chaos magic. You can also make more advanced analyses of enemy forces for risk management, as well as begin making advancements towards siegecraft (Structural weaknesses, armor that deflects blows more efficiently, etc.)
⦁ The next opportunity you can apply to researching a new topic, you may choose 2 technologies instead of one.
You find a limited number of cannisters. They seem to contain some sort of fireball-type energy. You are presented with 4 sets of weaponry: Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Infantry Defenses, Siege Defenses. Choose 2 to investigate further. The others will be broken down for parts to make the rest work, under conditions that each piece is recorded meticulously in relation to its place in the mechanism.
[Chosen: Ranged Weaponry and Siege Defenses]
So, you’ve made 5 major advancements.
1: The walls of Sumar are now tied to the ground on it. Digging below the city is nigh impossible and the walls can regenerate any damage given enough time.
2: You’ve discovered a clean smokeless powder. It was mostly used for the smaller sidearms, but useful.
3: You’ve been able to create a series of arcane constructs to run interference against catapults and the like.They’re slow moving, but pretty much stop large projectiles by running into them and teleporting them away.
4: You’ve discovered rifiling. You are now capable of creating smokeless powder weapons that can fire farther than a crossbow and reload faster. The drawback is the precision required for creating the shells.
5: You are given a choice of two design schematics. Do you want power or reproducibility?
One is a slow firing, but powerful weapon. It seems to be powered off magic. The other presents a simplistic rapid firing mechanism for smokeless powder that can easily be fixed in the heat of battle.
You trigger a programmed image.
“Take a good look at this sucker, because it’s going to be years before you’ll have the ammo manufacturing capacities to actually make widespread use of it. People of Nesmé, I present to you the Kalashnikov! If you’re hearing this, then we have fallen to our own folly. It is my hope, People of Nesmé, that you will be able to learn from our mistakes. The Kalashnikov will give you the power to live long enough to figure out how to avoid our fate.”
For non-combat purposes, you’ve discovered the idea of interchangable parts. You can make more complicated machinery without fear of having to scrap the whole thing over a single broken element.


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