The Arcadia

One of the only remaining airships on the Prime


Captain Phantom F. Harlock: Gentleman adventurer who wants to go beyond the sky. Archologist in his spare time. Identified by his dignified voice and eyepatch. Monk/Rogue.

Tager: A crazed dwarf and demolitions expert. Usually seen with trademark pipe and Peaceweed imported from Starmantle.

Jace Blackstone: A bard from Sumar sent by Valronoth to keep an accounting of their story. Noted by his lute and bandolier of throwing knives.

Kore Godsmasher: A warlord who chose retirement in Sumar, but found it was more active than he had planned. He doesn’t seem too bothered by it. Noted for his usage of the phrase ‘Regahdless or irregahdless..’, whether or not it is appropriate.

Paradox Law: Survivor of the Fall of the Shadowfell. Shadowdancer. His true name is Valen, a sage that saw the fall of Sumar countless times. Stuck in a time loop. Was insane for the most part. Was thought dead in the Fall of Sumar. Less insane now.

Machete: Ship’s cook. Usually seen with a cleaver.

The Corrin[Exarch of Tiamat/Ancient Adamantine Dragon]: Astral Dragon(s) enslaved by Eludra, a Marilith Astral Captain. Due to Chaos Magic, it was split into two seperate, but mentally the same entities. The party killed the Marilith, freeing the Corrin. Thankful, but still suffering from a slave mentality, they swear their lives to Khazdan. Eventually, their loyalty turned more serious and their bodies began turning into a more physically pleasing form: that of his wife. Khazdan turned down their advances. One sacrificed itself during Khazdan’s ill-planned assault on Sumar. The survivor killed Khazdan at his behest, then restricted itself to a life of seclusion in the deserts of Mulhorand. It works as an assistant to Joel in his studies of the Angelflesh and helps guide the Koloss in their development.


The Arcadia

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