The Unbroken Circle

Astral Airship flying around, fighting Githyanki


Crew of the Unbroken Circle/ Will of Zerthimon

Iza’tara – Githzerai Avenging Rrathmal. On a journey to root out Mind Flayer pirates kidnapping his kin in the Astral Sea. Lawful Good. Astral Warder, person who maintains the shielding for the ship as it sails across the Astral Sea. This keeps out daemons, abherrents, etc.

Theo Lancaster – Halfling Scout Primal Mapper. RETIRED AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE.

Samael – Deva Planar Shepherd. His last incarnation came dangerously close to becoming a rhakshasa. He travels the Astral Sea, seeking the body of Nusemnee for redemption. Lawful Neutral. Navigator/Medic.

Kai-Shara – Firesoul Genesai Malec-Keth Janissary (Swordmage). She originated from the Elemental Plane of Chaos, an plane where manifestations of the elements enterally fight for dominance. Her previous master Shyr of the Seven Fates fell in battle to The Sharakim. He fled to Gish territories, and Kai-Shara pursued. She seeks revenge for her fallen lord and rebuild his claims by calling in old alliances. Cook.

Lamiel (DECEASED) – Shardmind Clarity Ardent. Picked up floating in the Astral Sea, meditating on the nature of the Astral motes. Navigator. Self-terminated when it sensed the pressures of Sth-Lokel corrupting its will. As a part of the Vast Gate, any understanding that Sth-Lokel would gain would lead to it breaking through easier.

Lakashari Mirigal – Kalastar Telepathy Psion. Picked up from Dal Quor, days before she was to be turned into an Inspired for the Seventh Mind War. Team Mom and de-facto second-in-command. Lost her husband and child to the Mind Wars. Astral Warder.

Dominic Clevain – Human Spellbreaker, a warrior resistant to magic. Former Captain in the Anam military, he was known for his genius tactics and his ability to turn any situation into a fighting chance. He refused to take part in the War of the Broken Sun and went AWOL. He boarded the Unbroken Circle thinking it was a normal ship. He stayed with the crew as they continued along the Flow of the Astral Sea. RETIRED TO TO BECOME HEAD OF MILITARY IN SUMAR.

Violet Higgins – Elven Cleric [Messenger of Peace]. Raised by halflings, this wallflower has slowly grown accustomed to the crew of the Unbroken Circle. Initially sent out on a pilgrimage as a cleric of Cyrrollalee. She found herself in need of a ship and stumbled upon the Unbroken Circle as they were escaping a delivery gone terribly wrong. Lakashari inisisted that they bring her along instead of leaving her to the interplanar Starliches. Medic-in-training/Cook-in-training.


The Unbroken Circle

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