316 the Eternal Templar: Psiforged Avenger of the Silver Flame. The Auspex each contain the soul of a fallen Templar of the Silver Flame. 316 was created to act as a means to allow Templars to fulfill their duty after death. Eventually, the souls merge and allow for 316 to emerge with its own consciousness.

Avitus the Bladeshaper: Mulhorandi Warforged Steelshaper. Has red crystalline viens running along its body. These red crystals are made of bloodsteel, created from the blood of its willing creators. The bloodsteel runs throughout its chassis, helping in patchwork repairs when the frame begins to fail. Its body is made of blades. Operates off of an Auspex based on [THE HERO OF SUMAR].


tl;dr: Warforged have copies of the souls of paragons of their specific purpose. These copies are derived from things called Auspex, magic soul crystals which contain the copies of the souls of remarkable members of the Mulhorandi armed forces. Psionic and arcane humanoids could link with these Auspex to become awesome psionic warriors called Eternal Blades who have all the experience of all the previous Eternal Blades who linked with that Auspex. The armor that allows them to do this is called a Soulguide.


The advancement of Mulhorandi warfare is based on the creation of the Auspex.
In simple terms, the Auspex is a crystalline matrix that contains a copy of a sentient being’s cognizance. Think of it as a copy of the soul, only not something so ethereal. All the individual’s experience is copied into the Auspex in a ceremony accompanying the honorable discharge of a remarkable member of the military. This Auspex would then be used by either the Eternal Blades, or copies would be made for insertion into Warforged.

Copies of an Auspex are called an Animus. An Animus is filled only with the relevant experience that a Warforged may need for its given purpose. An Animus may be filled with new experiences as a Warforged operates, allowing for learning capabilities. When a Warforged is decommissioned, its Animus is returned to the Creation Forges where the Warforged are created. The Animus is compared to the Auspex it is derived from to see if there is any new experiences relevant to its purpose. If so, these experiences are copied for future distribution.
This only deals with the Auspex<=>Warforged relationship.

The Auspex<=>Humanoid relationship is relatively different. The Eternal Blades were Mulhorand’s most elite fighting force, each unit claiming to have the experience of the twenty generations that came before it. The armor used by the Eternal Blades was known as the Soulguide. The Soulguide contained slots where an Asupex would fit in. By psionically linking an Eternal Blade initiate to their Auspex, the Soulguide would act as an interface to allowing an initiate to commune with the Auspex and gain all the experience of their predecessors.

Induction into the Eternal Blades operated as followed:

  • Any psionic or arcane capable individual who had distinguished themselves in the traditional armed forces would be invited to join the Eternal Blades.
  • An interview process would help to choose an Auspex that would complement the initiate the best.
  • Intense training would commence for 5 years, ranging from physical conditioning to prolonged psionic/arcane channeling. During this time, the initiate would be expected to learn the whole history of the Auspex they would attune with.
  • On the day of commissioning, the initiate would be expected to recite the history of their Auspex. Before donning the armor, the initiate would revoke their name and swear to serve Mulhorand beyond death itself. Upon confirmation, the initiate would attempt to meld with their Auspex.
  • 60% initiates would simply go catatonic as the years of experience would pour into their mind uncontrolled. These individuals are lost.
  • 33% of the initiates would lose themselves in the Auspex, losing all aspects of their previous selves. These individuals would remain members of the Eternal Blades, but never reach an officer’s rank. (Think of them as Tranquil, or fleshy Warforged.)
  • 7% of the initiates would remain in control of themselves while maintaining dominance over the Auspex. Most claim that a voice guided them to maintain dominance, but it is more likely that the initiate organized the psionic link in a fashion that they could understand. These initiates, should they prove themselves capable, would be considered for officer positions.
  • Upon discharge or death, an Auspex would be returned to storage until a new initiate would be chosen for it.

During later portions of the Imaskari War, attempts to bind an Auspex to a Warforged met with mixed results. The hope was that the initiation process could be cut down, producing more experienced soldiers in less time. It was found that Warfoged lacked the psionic focus required to maintain a link with the full Auspex. Later experimentations resulted in the discovery of psicrystals that could be used to provide the psionic focus necessary, but is was only a few days after that the Gate Crash occured.


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